'Green Lantern' Co-Screenwriter Marc Guggenheim On Film Rumors & Status

'Green Lantern'Newsarama.com has been posting a series of features based on an interview with TV, film and comic book writer, Marc Guggenheim, about his various projects -- from his ABC television series "Eli Stone" to his recent Marvel Comics-exclusive work. However, if there's one project that comic fans are dying to hear more about, it's his upcoming big screen take on DC's emerald enforcer of space sector 2814, Green Lantern, which the writer discusses in today's post.

According to the Newsarama piece, Guggenheim said that the "Green Lantern" script is moving along "at a pretty hefty clip," and that rumors of DC's proposed plan to make all upcoming films darker in tone has not affected the "Green Lantern" writing team's vision for the film.

"I know a lot's been made in newspapers and magazines about a revamping of DC's approach. That hasn't been my sense," explained Guggenheim in the Newsarama piece. "Maybe a focusing; maybe a ratcheting up of pace and energy. Whatever it's been, it really hasn't affected this project in the least. All the drafts have come in on schedule. All the notes have been the same kind of notes that we would have gotten in the absence of any 'revamping.'"

Guggenheim also addressed the most recent "Green Lantern" rumors involving actor Ryan Gosling being cast in the film's lead role, however, the writer offers no "official" word on if the part has been offered to Gosling or not.

"As one of the writers, I'm not really involved in the day-to-day pre-production on it all. But I think it would be pretty amazing. I'll go on record saying that," said Guggenheim.

Are you looking forward to a "Green Lantern" film? Have you had a chance to check out Guggenheim's comic work, and if so, do you think he has the chops for the project? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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