Will Ryan Gosling Be 'Green Lantern'?

Ryan GoslingWith so many Marvel and DC heroes expected to go before the camera by 2009, it's surprising that we haven't had any big casting announcements. Who's going to be Captain America? Thor? Wonder Woman? How can Hollywood leave us hanging like this?

But rumors have started stirring on the DC front, at least, and in the form of the Green Lantern. And it's about time, since the script has reportedly been turned in, met with approval, and given a 2009 start date. Latino Review has spoken to one of their mysterious studio sources, and report that Ryan Gosling is in the running to be the man in green.

On the outside, he's a believable choice, as he's the right age, the right squeaky-clean look, and has the required acting chops. If he's really in the running, it's a good sign as to how seriously Warner Bros is taking the project -- they're casting up, and not seeking out just a pretty face or badass attitude. (And really, who's willing to take that risk after the talent "Iron Man" and "The Dark Knight" boasted?)

However, this is all unconfirmed whispering, the sort of thing that can vanish just as quickly as it arrived online. Gosling's name could just be one of many on a Warner Bros list -- and even if he's offered the part, he might find little appeal in taking on the ring of Abin Sur.

But what do you Green Lantern fans think? Could you see Gosling in the part? If not him, who do you want to see take on the hero?