After 'Watchmen,' WB Plans 'Superman: Red Son' And 'Batman: Black & White' Motion Comics

'Superman: Red Son'Following on the heels of the release of the second chapter of the "Watchmen" Motion Comics, Warner Bros. has announced a new pair of titles to get the "motion comic" treatment. As one might expect, the titles will feature Superman and Batman, the company's most popular characters -- but surprisingly, the stories won't include any of the duo's in-continuity adventures.

The "Batman: Black & White" anthology and the Elseworlds tale "Superman: Red Son" will be the next two titles to receive the unique animation-over-audio storytelling touch, with the release date for the titles coming in the next few months.

"Batman: Black & White," published in three volumes during 1996, featured individual stories written and drawn by various notables in the world of comics and animation that included Bruce Timm, Dennis O'Neil and Neil Gaiman.

Posing the question of what would've happened if Superman landed in the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War instead of Smallville, Kansas, "Superman: Red Son" was written by Mark Millar ("Wanted") and featured art by Dave Johnson. The Eisner-nominated story was published in 2003. (Be sure to check out our video interview with actor Colin Hanks, who called "Red Son" one of the best Superman stories ever written.)

So, what do you think about DC's motion comics? What other titles would you like to see get this treatment?