'The Dark Knight' Screenwriter David Goyer On 'Batman 3’ Rumors: 'It's All B.S.'

David GoyerIt’s the second most successful movie of all-time, a cultural tour de force that’s reverberated with critics and fans alike, redefining what a summer blockbuster and a comic movie can be capable of.

To paraphrase the Joker himself: It’s changed things. There’s no going back.

But there is, of course, going forward. Three months removed from “The Dark Knight,” and it seems all anybody wants to talk about is "Batman 3” – a new “scoop” coming our way every couple of days.

Yet whether it’s that Chris Nolan has signed on, and will start pre-production early next year, or that Johnny Depp and Philip Seymour Hoffman will play the villains, or that Cher (Cher!) is lining up to wear Catwoman’s claws, there’s one thing that each and every supposed scoop has in common, “Batman Begins” and “Dark Knight” storyman David Goyer told MTV News:

“It’s all B.S.,” he said. “ALL of it.”

That means, no, Nolan has not signed on (yet). No, there is no casting, let alone TALK, of villains, and, no, nobody is certain to return.

“Chris and I haven't even talked about it. He quite understandably is taking a long, long vacation and wants to purge himself,” Goyer said.

Goyer means they haven’t talked about it “officially,” although, of course, he does admit – as he did when we chatted in July – that they’ve loosely bandied about themes and more.

“We have mused here and there [but] I mean Chris is pretty much a one movie at a time kind of guy,” Goyer said. “I wish I could tell you more. There really isn't anything to tell.”

So continue to have fun with the speculation, the talk, the great debate fans have argued about back and forth in posts like the above on theme, and others. Goyer himself called the fan speculation “amusing.”

Just know there isn’t anything official. And when there is?

“If and when [Chris is] ready to talk - we'll talk,” he promised.

So there you have it, Bat-fans, straight from the desk of Goyer -- but were there any rumors that you at least hope he'll consider? Hit up those comments.