Has Christopher Nolan Signed On To 'The Dark Knight' Sequel?

Christopher NolanSince the film's debut, fans of the summer's box office champ, "The Dark Knight," have been waiting for two big announcements -- one, which villain (or villains) the Caped Crusader will be facing off against in the next go-round, and two, if Christopher Nolan will be coming back on board as writer and director.

According to a post on Slashfilm.com today, the wait for an answer to one of those questions might finally be over. In a story that started floating around the internet this weekend -- originating in a recent issue of "Production Weekly" -- Christopher Nolan is listed as the director of the next installment of the "Batman" franchise, and as previously reported, the rumored pre-production date of February 2009 is also noted.

It is worth noting that "Production Weekly" is an industry publication, and as Slashfilm.com points out, they usually get their information straight from studio sources. Yet on the other hand, it's also very highly unlikely that the magazine would scoop Warner Bros., who will most likely make the announcement via super-hyped press release.

In any event, the internet continues to wait with baited breath for the pending news...

Do you think that Christopher Nolan might not come back for the next "Batman" film, or are the studios simply delaying the inevitable? If not Nolan, who would you like to see direct the next "Batman" film? Talk to us in the comments.