How To Join Dr. Horrible -- If You're Evil Enough

Dr. HorribleIt only took a few months for Bad Horse to get his stable in order, but the Evil League of Evil -- finally -- is accepting applications for new members .

"I would encourage people sending in their submissions to know that the Evil League of Evil is no joke," Neil Patrick Harris told us. "It's legitimately hard-core to get in. I would know."

Those who submit before October 11 have a chance at being included on the upcoming DVD commemorating the league's most recent member, and already there are some interesting prospects of the hundred or so-and-counting who leaped at the chance. For instance, this pair has extensive experience, or so they claim, with guns, knives, hand-to-hand combat, and debilitating bad breath. This vampire even went to the trouble of singing about his plight. And this aspirant doesn't even want to be in the League proper -- she just wants a shot at being Dr. Horrible's sidekick.

Applying to the Evil League of Evil isn't the only way to share in the Dr. Horrible experience -- plenty of fans are taking the "Sing-Along Blog" aspect literally, and recording their own versions of the songs on the soundtrack. There's a cappella versions of "Freeze Ray" and "Brand New Day," and more fleshed-out versions that bands are starting to do.

Two members of the Florida group Baby Calendar have one up. So do Lauren Fairweather and Nina Jankowicz, from the wizard rock band the Moaning Myrtles. Then Lauren performed the song with Alex Carpenter of the Remus Lupins at a recent wizard rock festival -- even though the focus was supposed to be Harry Potter.

"It's been a hit [online], so I asked Alex if he'd sing it with me in New York," Lauren said. "Why not? Dr. Horrible is fantastic."

And now, the first official sing-along is happening in Los Angeles, with prospective ones to follow in other cities (more on that later). Whedonopolis is presenting a Halloween showing at the Regency Fairfax Theater to benefit PATH Ventures. They say, "Come as your favorite villain, hero, sidekick, henchmen, or hammer."

What do you think of the Evil League of Evil applicants? Are you applying or singing along? Share your link with us.