Zack Snyder Spills On Possible '300’ Sequel, New Graphic Novel

'300'Judging from the chatter about "Iron Man 2," the follow-up to "The Dark Knight," and even talk about a possible sequel to "Watchmen," it's become clear that just getting a movie made featuring a favorite comic book character or series simply isn't enough these days -- fans wanna see franchises.

Need proof? According to a post on IESB reporting on last night's press screening of new "Watchmen" footage hosted by director Zack Snyder, after talk of a rumored "Watchmen" sequel or prequel were soundly shot down by the director (or, at the very least, he'd want no involvement with such a project), questions were raised concerning a possible sequel to Frank Miller's epic "300." Snyder seemed to jump at the opportunity to discuss the potential project, saying that he'd been in discussions with Miller, and that a "300” sequel is indeed in the works.

According to IESB's report, Snyder is waiting on Miller to wrap up work on an all-new graphic novel that the follow-up to "300” will be based on, noting that he will wait until the book is completed before he commences work with Miller on a script to the film. Furthermore, the basic storyline of the follow-up has been discussed between the two creators, which will most likely bridge the gap between the Battles of Thermopylae and Plataea. Snyder also added that he'd definitely want to direct the "300” sequel, and is anxiously anticipating Miller's completion of the graphic novel.

How about it, Splash Page readers? Does a "300” sequel sound like a winner? Or do you think the original movie said everything there needs to be said about King Leonidas and the mighty Spartans? Talk to us in the comments.