New 'Watchmen' Motion Comic Hits iTunes Next Week

'Watchmen Motion Comic'It seems like everyone's been watching the "Watchmen" lately, what with the big legal dispute, the cast and crew sharing their thoughts on bringing the graphic novel to life and reprints of the story flying off shelves at bookstores.

Not content with simply pushing the print and film versions of the story, DC released the first episode of a "motion comic" version of "Watchmen" on iTunes in July that featured a reading of the first chapter of the series combined with pseudo-animated panels from the comic. Now we're told that the second episode will be available on iTunes next week.

Reviews of the motion-comic "Watchmen" have been mixed, with some celebrating the use of focus and Ken Burns-esque pans over the Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons pages, while others have criticized the decision to use a single reader for all of the voices in the story's large cast of characters.

Each episode appears to cover a single issue of the 12-issue series, with access to the full series running $19.99.

The third episode is scheduled for release in mid-October, with the rest hitting the iTunes store every two weeks after that point in the run-up to the March 6 release of the live-action "Watchmen" film.

Have you checked out the "Watchmen Motion Comic"? If so, how does it move you? Is this something you'd like to see more of with future comics? Which ones?