Robin To Get 'Smallville' Treatment On CW With 'The Graysons'

RobinAs "The Dark Knight" continues to establish itself as the movie of the year (a title which will no doubt only become more solid with the upcoming release of the mega-DVD), it's no wonder that Hollywood is now looking for any opportunity to hop aboard the Bat-wagon.

Case in point, as Variety reports, the CW has announced plans for an all-new TV series based on Batman's faithful sidekick, Robin. The series, currently being referred to as "The Graysons," will follow the Boy Wonder's pre-Caped Crusader days, similar to what the network did for the Superman mythos with "Smallville." That said, it should come as no surprise that the folks behind "The Graysons" are "Smallville" executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson, as well as "Chuck" executive producer, McG.

Furthermore, Variety also reports that "The Graysons" is being considered a potential replacement for "Smallville," which has been widely speculated to be coming to a series finale within the next year.

"The Graysons" will be set in modern times, and follows young Dick "DJ" Grayson as he experiences the challenges of growing up, first loves, rivals, and the close-knit family life that will eventually inspire him to lead a life of crime-fighting alongside Batman on the streets of Gotham City.

Will you be checking out "The Graysons" when it debuts on CW? What other DC characters do you think would make for cool, prequel-type TV series? Let us know in the comments.