Could Iron Man's Father Be The Creator Of 'Captain America'?

Captain AmericaOn IMDB's trivia section for “Iron Man," there’s a line stating that at some point in the flick’s development, Tony Stark was supposed to fight his actual father, Howard Stark, and not father surrogate Obadiah Stane.

Not true, “Iron Man” screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby told MTV News. Well, unless you mean that they would fight metaphorically. And in..."Captain America"?

Could Howard Stark, of whom so little is known in the official Marvel canon, be one of the scientists responsible for creating Captain America, thus tying the shared universe that much closer together? Can you think of a MORE plausible scenario given what Fergus says below?

“Certainly [Tony’s] relationship with his father is something we wanted to do a lot more of in this film, but again you had to pick and choose. [But] that relationship with his father and this person you only heard about in the first movie is going to be much more fully explored,” he teased. “Basically, Tony was a young adult or a teenager when his father died and that relationship will be played up in a lot of cool ways in other Marvel movies and also through…” he continued, before suddenly breaking off as if catching himself, pausing, and ending with, “The relationship will definitely be explored a lot further.”

Let’s look at the canonical evidence as presented in the movies (not the comics -– although they overlap): in “Iron Man” Tony says his father worked, at times, for the government – particularly on the Manhattan Project. In “The Incredible Hulk” we learn a governmental super serum was developed at the same time (the super serum in the comics helps create Captain America). Back to “Iron Man,” and Captain America’s shield is seen in Tony Stark’s workshop.

Who or what is the one thing that could tie all of it together? Howard Stark.

“There are different timetables in different versions of the story, but how Tony became Tony [is probably the most interesting thing moving forward],” Fergus continued. “He’s most shaped by his own father and [further revelations about that relationship] will fill in a lot of the blanks about why Tony Stark is the kind of man that he is and what kind of conflicts he's overcoming."

“I don't know if it will ever literally be anything like a fight, but it is going to be character stuff, territory that's gonna be mined,” he added. “It's too interesting to walk away from.”

Previously on Splash Page, we mentioned that the dynamic duo were lining up to potentially write another Marvel franchise. It’s because of the above that I'm going to speculate wildly and suggest that they're positioning themselves to work on “Captain America,” where these sorts of ideas can be fully played out. Of course, I caution that this is nothing more than wild speculation on my part. But it sounds possible, doesn't it?

If true, adding Howard Stark to the "Captain America" mix would be pretty cool twist to “The Avengers” as well -- since Cap could tell Tony about his dad, fill him in on what kind of man he was and what he might have answered to the questions Tony asks at the press conference in the first film. It could also lead to a lot of tension if both men thought of themselves as “children” of Howard Stark.

Does my leap make sense? Could Howard Stark appear in “Captain America”? Is there a different film he could appear in? How would you want to see that father/son dynamic play out? Is that a good way to go with “Iron Man”? Sound off on all your thoughts below.