'Green Lantern' Movie May Begin Filming In Spring, Says Producer

Green LanternWhile DC fans await word on what's in store for the next installment of the "Batman" franchise, it looks as though another DC hero is poised to commence filming in the very near future -- that being Green Lantern.

According to a report on FirstShowing.net, producer Donald DeLine -- who is developing "Green Lantern" for the big screen -- reports that a close-to-final revision to the already fan-friendly script has been delivered, and filming could begin as early as Spring '09. While none of this has been officially confirmed by Warner Bros., DeLine is quoted as saying, "It's coming together and I'm excited about it. Hopefully we'll make it to start gate. We're really close - really close."

As reported earlier, "Green Lantern" has been making serious moves lately -- albeit rather quietly -- including the announcement that Greg Berlanti has been hired on to direct the film. "Green Lantern" is scheduled to hit theaters in 2010, and now that a director and rumored filming date has been announced, it's gotta be only a matter of time until news breaks as to who will be donning the power ring as Hal Jordan. Stay tuned to MTV Splash Page for more "Green Lantern" developments.

Speak up, Green Lantern fans -- are you excited to hear a "GL" flick is moving forward? More importantly, who do YOU think should take on the role of Hal Jordan? Lets get those comments going!