EXCLUSIVE: 'Iron Man' Screenwriters In Talks To Pen Another Marvel Property. But Which One?

AvengersNothing against the very talented Justin Theroux, but given that "Iron Man" was such an overwhelming critical and financial success, it’s somewhat odd, perhaps, that screenwriters Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby aren’t involved in writing its sequel.

But could the reason be because they might very well be writing a DIFFERENT super? In a word, yes. In a whole lot of words…

"There are some really juicy [movies] that we are very much talking intensely with Marvel about. We're like, 'We're the right guys for this one,’" Fergus revealed, remaining maddeningly coy on which particular movie that was. "We're interested in working on a bunch of these other Marvel projections and everything in the Marvel canon is fair game. We have a lot of ideas about all this, but until they officially ask us to come do one of these we'll keep our mouths closed about the actual ideas. It's moving along nicely but nothing official yet. But, yes, we are planning on working on some of those movies. That much I'll say."

All of the upcoming slate of Marvel movies (the ones officially announced) have credited screenwriters according to IMDB.com – Theroux for "Iron Man 2," Zak Penn for "Captain America" and "The Avengers," Mark Protosevich for "Thor," and Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish for "Ant-Man."

Is it possible those credits are wrong, that there is no official writer yet on a particular project? Yes. Is it possible that Fergus and Ostby are replacing one of those writers on a project? Yes. Is it possible that they are pitching superheroes not yet in official development? Yes again.

Am I going to speculate a little as to which one I think it is?

Actually, no – for now, I’ll leave that up to you. Which movie do you think the "Iron Man" screenwriters would be the best fit for? Would you like to see them come back and write another super, even at the expense of one of the above scripters? (Penn, etc) Sound off on your thoughts below.