Marvel Team-Up: Spider-Man And... Stephen Colbert?!

Spider-Man & Stephen ColbertThroughout his history, Spider-Man has teamed-up with some rather unique characters -- from Dracula to Howard the Duck to even the original cast of "Saturday Night Live." Now, adding to that, um, prestigious list, in the upcoming "Amazing Spider-Man" #573, he'll team-up with late night talk show host and true American patriot, Stephen Colbert.

Written by acclaimed writer Mark Waid with art by Patrick Olliffe, the eight-page story finds Colbert -- who is a presidential candidate in the Marvel Universe -- making his first full comic book appearance since Oni Press' "Tek Jansen" series. As to exactly why the outspoken leader of the Colbert Nation would need to team-up with the web-slinger (one would assume Colbert could handle any problem he faced on his own) remains a mystery, but check out a snippet of art from the story after the jump for possible clues...or if you just need a laugh today.

Spider-Man & Stephen Colbert

Spider-Man and Stephen Colbert?! What do you think about that, Web-Heads? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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