'Fathom' Film To Proceed At Fox Atomic With Megan Fox?

'Fathom'Having long been drowning in development hell, IESB has posted a surprise update on the status of the live-action "Fathom" feature film, a project that many believed was a no-go due to the untimely death of "Fathom" creator Michael Turner this year after a courageous battle against bone cancer.

According to the report from IESB -- albeit from an unnamed source, so take all this with a grain of saltwater -- "Fathom" is indeed still on at 20th Century Fox, however, the studio has decided to move the project to their genre film division, Fox Atomic. While the rumors of the film proceeding after many believed it to be canned is enough to get the internet humming, it's trumped by the additional rumor that up-and-coming Hollywood super-hottie, Megan Fox, has agreed to sign on as the film's lead role, Aspen Matthews.

As mentioned, many fans believed "Fathom" -- the story of an Olympic-level swimmer who becomes embroiled in an underwater war -- to be "dead in the water" in terms of hitting the silver screen. Even Turner, in an interview with ComicBookResources.com this past March before his passing, was quoted as saying, "The 'Fathom' movie is now not really happening." However, now that it's apparently getting some buzz in Hollywood, stay tuned to Splash Page for breaking reports from the waterfront.

Happy to hear "Fathom" could be back on for the feature film treatment? Think Megan Fox has the chops to pull off the role of Aspen Matthews? Let us know in the comments.