Greg Weisman Reveals 'Spectacular Spider-Man' Future Villains & The Fate Of 'Gargoyles'

'Spectacular Spider-Man'

MTV Splash Page presents an exclusive, two-part interview with "Gargoyles" creator Greg Weisman. Check back tomorrow for news on his two all-new comic series -- "Progeny" and "Mecha-Nation" -- from SLG Publishing.

Writer Greg Weisman has had a roundabout way of getting into superhero comics.

Fans of the Hollywood jack-of-all-trades -- creator, writer, producer -- already know he has quite the resume. Currently, he serves as executive producer on the hit Saturday morning Kids WB! cartoon "Spectacular Spider-Man," and he certainly has his hands full introducing villains old and new in March's second season debut. "We’re introducing Kraven and Mysterio who I’m thinking are A or A- villains for Spidey. We’ve got Molten Man, who I would at least call a B+. I think Spidey just has such a terrific rogue’s gallery. I’d put it up there with any other character’s. It’s just a wealth of terrific characters. I think that even after two seasons there are still guys we won’t have gotten to yet – Hobgoblin and Scorpion we were sort of saving for season three, which we’re still hoping we’ll get a pick up for.

"Second season we’re introducing at least five new villains, maybe six. We’re having the return of Venom, the return of the Sinister Six, the return of Doc Ock, the return of the Green Goblin, more stuff with Hammerhead and Tombstone. And we’ve got the Master Planner arc, we’ve got a gang war arc, and we’ve got a bunch of exciting stuff planned. The basic notion is that we spent the first season introducing you to Spider-Man and Peter Parker’s world, now we’re going to go into greater depth with all that stuff. So we dig deeper with a lot of characters. We’ve got character arcs for everyone from Flash Thompson to Jonah to Gwen and Liz Allen and the villains as well."

But the road has been a long one for Weisman, albeit what looks like an enjoyable trip. The longtime animation writer is best known as the creator of "Gargoyles," the surprisingly serious Disney animated series from the '90s. While the show was a hit amongst fans, Weisman parted ways with Disney early in the third season, taking with him drafts of undeveloped story ideas. Ten years later, bolstered by the support of an annual "Gargoyles" convention, Weisman returned to the universe with an ongoing comic series, born of the unlikely publishing partnership between Disney and "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" publishers, SLG Publishing.

Unfortunately, the honeymoon was short-lived, as Disney upped their licensing fees this summer, effectively killing the rest of the "Gargoyles" comic run outside two trades wrapping up the planned issues of the ongoing and the "Bad Guys" spinoff.

Not down for the count, Weisman pitched SLG on two new creator-owned titles in the form of the superhero series; "Progeny," created with "Spidey" and "Hellboy Animated" character designer Sean "Cheeks" Galloway and his "Spidey" director Victor Cook, and the sci-fi series "Mecha-Nation," created with Cook and "Gargoyles" designer Greg Gruler.

On the topic of the future of "Gargoyles," the creature's creator admitted, "I think it’s just too soon [to know if there will be more comics.]" Adding that the future of the series heavily depends on the sales potential of the upcoming collected volumes which will complete the stories still unfinished in the main "Gargoyles" comics.

"I don’t think that we’ll be going back, at least not with SLG, to doing issues, but [publisher] Dan [Vado] definitely still has an interest in the property. 'Gargoyles' was his best-selling title...not his most profitable by any means because of the licensing fee, but it sold the most number of issues of his books. So he’s definitely interested in doing more."

Bummed that "Gargoyles" will be going on indefinite hiatus? Looking forward to the new season of "Spectacular Spider-Man?" Talk to us in the comments, and be sure to check in tomorrow for part two of our sit-down with Weisman!