'War Heroes' Film Moving Forward, Says Mark Millar

'War Heroes'"Kick-Ass" and "Wanted" writer Mark Millar continues to be one of Hollywood's favorite comic creators, having confirmed on his website that an adaptation of the "War Heroes" series he created with artist Tony Harris is indeed headed to studios. The series' plot involves an alternate future in which the military is populated by soldiers augmented with superhuman abilities.

"Pretty much all the big guys in town are going in for this and things should really start moving in the next couple of days," wrote Millar. "Tony and I had a dream director in mind for the project and, weirdly, he was the first email, suggesting he directs if his production company gets their hands on the material."

While we're left to wonder about the identity of this mysterious director Millar and Harris are pushing for, the writer also teased that "three genuine heroes are already in the mix for this so I have a feeling we're going to end up in good hands." Let the speculation begin, eh?

With the "Kick-Ass" adaptation in full swing, casting announcements rolling out and buzz brewing around the film's violent content, Millar acknowledged that he has plenty on his plate outside the comics world, so "War Heroes" will provide the bookend to his 2008 movie plans -- allowing him some time to concentrate on his print work once again.

"... This is my last NEW Hollywood thing until the Spring," said Millar. "I've pretty much finished all my current commitments and want to get deep into 'Ultimate Avengers' before I start up anything else."

The second issue of "War Heroes" was released this week by Image Comics, featuring a story by Millar and art by Harris.

With only two issues on shelves, have you seen enough of "War Heroes" to look forward to the film? Who do you hope gets behind the camera for the film? And who gets in front of it?