More Photos From Frank Miller's 'The Spirit'

Sarah Paulson and Gabriel Macht in 'The Spirit'It's been a while since we've heard anything new about Frank Miller's controversial take on beloved Will Eisner hero "The Spirit," but with the film's December 25 release date looming, a new batch of promo photos from the film have hit the 'Net.

The photos feature much of the cast of the Lionsgate project in various stages of action, inaction and -- in the photo posted after the jump of Sarah Paulson and Gabriel Macht as Ellen Dolan and Denny Colt/The Spirit, respectively -- a state of undress.

There's also a new photo of Sam Jackson as the film's villain, The Octopus, looking appropriately menacing. (Jackson spoke with MTV News about how he prepped for his role in "The Spirit" back in July.)

Sarah Paulson and Gabrial Macht in 'The Spirit'

Head over to /Film for the full gallery of new photos from "The Spirit."

How do you feel about Frank Miller's take on "The Spirit"? Do these photos change your opinion?