Clark Duke Predicts 'Kick-Ass' Will Kick-Off Worldwide Culture Shift

Clark DukeRecently, it was announced that Clark Duke (who plays "Dale" on the ABC series, "Greek") had been added to the cast of young Hollywood up-and-comers (as well as, um, older-and-already-here actor, Nicolas Cage) on "Kick-Ass." Since it clearly ain't a week without some sort of news about the production, MTV News recently caught up with Duke to get his thoughts on being added to the "Kick-Ass" roster, and why he believes the film will definitely live up to its namesake.

Never let it be said that Duke doesn't know a winner when he sees one, as he related to us, "I love the comic! I actually remember, I bought the first issue and called my manager and I said, 'you got to keep an eye out on this thing. They’re going to make a movie.' The premise is just absolutely outstanding. I could not be more blessed, and it hasn’t stopped being surreal yet."

As has been reported, Duke will be taking on the role of "Marty," a likeable but terminally nerdy friend of the main character, Dave Lizewski (played by Aaron Johnson). The actor describes his character as a Jimmy Olsen of sorts to lead character's Lizewski's Superman.

"I’m just a friend of the superhero," explained Duke. "I don’t have a costume. He’s got to have a funny friend, man."

Meanwhile, given Duke's ability at calling comic-to-film winners, could he also be able to predict the cultural significance of "Kick-Ass?"

"[Lizewski's] first [line] is, 'How come everybody wants to be Paris Hilton, and no one wants to be Spider-Man?'" said Duke. "So he makes a superhero costume, and just starts doing it, and he obviously almost gets killed repeatedly. He’s in the hospital. But then it sort of catches on and just snowballs into this whole change in the culture.

"I don’t know maybe it will be some weird cultural pneumatic thing that will catch on where everyone just dresses up?"

What say you, Splash Page readers? Think "Kick-Ass" has the potential to set off a whole new trend of high-fashion superhero costumes (and if so, boy, do we need to hit the gym!)? Either way, sound off in the comments and let us know!