'Colbert Report' Writer/Producer Glenn Eichler Teams With Illustrator Nick Bertozzi For New OGN

'Stuffed'Over on his LiveJournal, acclaimed independent comic artist Nick Bertozzi ("American Splendor," "The Salon") has announced that he will be teaming up with writer Glenn Eichler on an all-new original graphic novel titled "Stuffed" (published by First Second Books). While comic fans may not be familiar with the Eichler, if you've ever caught an episode of Comedy Central's award-winning "Colbert Report," than you've definitely seen his work as a writer and producer for the show. He also served as executive producer of MTV's cult-favorite animated comedy, "Daria."

While Bertozzi's kept details about "Stuffed" close to his vest on the blog post -- only going so far as cryptically saying, "It’s about a certain kind of sexual practice racism" -- he did post two pages from the book for fans to check out. The artist also noted that, as has become standard operating procedure with these types of collaborations, he's never actually met Eichler yet. The book is set to hit stores in late 2009.

Check out one of the pages after the jump -- you'll have to head over to Bertozzi's LiveJournal to see the other one, though!

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