EXCLUSIVE: Check Out Marvel's Mutant-Friendly TV Spots For 'Embrace Change' And 'The Stand'!

In the off-chance that you missed last night's nationally televised debut of the green-skinned, shape-changing Skrulls at the center of the publisher's "Secret Invasion" event, Marvel has provided MTV News with the video from last night's "Embrace Change" commercial.

And, as if that wasn't enough reason to "embrace" comics' video future, Marvel has also thrown in an MTV-Exclusive video spot for their adaptation of Stephen King's epic novel "The Stand," featuring an adaptation of the classic horror tale by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and art by "Captain America" illustrator Mike Perkins.

The "Embrace Change" ad is posted here, and you can further welcome your new Skrull overlords over at www.EmbraceChange.org.

Check out Marvel's promo video for "The Stand" after the jump!

You have to hand it to the Merry Marvel Marketing team, folks. Whether popping up in online social networks like Twitter or appearing in last night's "Embrace Change" television spot, it's been difficult to avoid encounters with the Skrulls.

Nevertheless, there's a lot to note about last night's "Embrace Change" ad that aired during the minor league baseball championship on ESPN2. Promoting comics through TV advertisements are a rare occurrence, with a pair of commercials for "G.I. Joe" comics in the '80s (Marvel) and '90s (Dark Horse) being some of the most recent -- and notable -- among a very small number produced. The absence of a major license or mainstream property attached to the print project makes the Skrulls' TV debut that much more significant.

As online "video trailers" for comics become more frequent elements in the standard comics promotional package these days, one has to wonder if last night's commercial is a sign of things to come for both comics marketing and the Marvel Universe itself.

Do you give props to Marvel for reaching outside the box? Tell us your thoughts on the commercials in the comment section below!