Rosario Dawson Looks Ahead To More 'O.C.T.' Comics, Feature Film

Rosario DawsonDuring a recent interview with MTV News, actress and popular object of geek affection Rosario Dawson shed some light on the current state of affairs for "O.C.T.", the comic series she co-created that's been on Hollywood's radar for nearly two years now.

"We are in negotiations to hopefully get ["O.C.T."] out from the Weinstein Company and put it someplace else," said Dawson, "and when we do that, we can start concentrating on it again."

Dawson said she and her "O.C.T." co-creators hope to have a new miniseries published in the near future, but wants to be sure their respective workloads don't cause major, mid-story delays.

"Believe me, I can understand the stress of that," said Dawson, "I want my next 'Johnny the Homocidal Maniac' comic right now, and it doesn't come out for years."

As for a timetable on the film adaptation, Dawson told MTV she hopes to see "O.C.T." in theaters (or at least in production) within the next three years, adding that the title has built up an "interesting fan base."

"We've had so much fun with it, and we're not tired of the story yet," she added. "We want to explore it so much more, so I think there's definitely room for it to be a really great film if we are blessed."

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