DJ Caruso Reveals More Details About 'Y: The Last Man' Film

'Y: The Last Man'Last week, we told you about some of the story details "Eagle Eye" director DJ Caruso offered up regarding his adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan's celebrated Vertigo series "Y: The Last Man." Along with discussing some of his casting choices for the film, Caruso confirmed that the story would lend itself to a multiple-film arc. In a new interview with Sci Fi Wire, Caruso shed a little more light on the first (and hopefully not last) film, including how he'd like to end the first chapter.

"I don't want to give away too much of the end, but I think basically, you know, Yorick and 355 will basically walk away and go off into the sunset, knowing that they're going to have to keep going on the run," said Caruso. "And you might sort of look up in the sky and realize that maybe Yorick is at that point, and he might not be the last man or he might be the last man, and that ... the journey and the continuing on the run is going to have to go from there."

Caruso told Sci Fi that he hasn't begun planning on the second or third film at this point, but did indicate that story elements such as the Alter character (an officer in the Israeli army) and "the Chinese faction" would factor into the film.

The director also responded to questions about his support for actor Shia Labeouf as the actor to bring the story's main character, Yorick, to the big screen.

"'Transformers 2', they're more than halfway done now, and he's out there shooting and doing his thing," said Caruso. "I think that's why, too, if I have enough time to prep it, he'll have some time off and can come into it fresh."

Are you looking forward to seeing Yorick, 355 and Ampersand in theaters? Who do you think should play each of the characters?