Seth Green On Waiting For 'Watchmen' And Coveting The Rorschach Role

'Seth Green'Since Seth Green -- he of "Robot Chicken," "Family Guy," "Austin Powers," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" -- is no stranger to geekdom, it should be of no surprise that he is a major fan of comics. He's got one of his own, but he also likes to read "Booster Gold" and "Common Grounds." That's why it would have been a dream come true if he could have had a part in "Watchmen" -- as a certain masked man.

"I would have tried to pull off Rorschach," Green said. (And he's not the only one -- both Jude Law and Simon Pegg also coveted the part.)

Then, looking down at himself, Green admitted, "But I probably don't have the height for it." What about special effects? "I can be 5'6" with lifts, so maybe."

What was it about Rorschach that he wanted to explore?

"Rorschach is not cute," Green explained. "His character was all about duality and giving up human emotions and becoming this vigilante antihero. He's a very complicated character." (Jackie Earle Harley would agree, having recently told MTV News that Rorschach has an "attacking complexity … I just kept staring deeper and deeper into complexity.")

"I just love that book," Green said. "It's so revolutionary. And it was one of the first times that it treated superheroes with such gravity, and really got into the public sentiment surrounding them. That's what gave rise to 'Identity Crisis' and everything that came after. Everything that is relevant in comics was spawned from 'Watchmen,' and that's why it's such a touchstone."

Green just hopes that "all this political B.S.," i.e. the 20th Century Fox lawsuit doesn't "tie up" the movie from being released in March. "I've been waiting more than 15 years for this movie," Green said. "It'll be like the comic, but bigger. I'm very, very excited to see that."

Which superhero would you like to see Seth Green play? Do you also worry about the Fox lawsuit holding up "Watchmen"?