More 'Kick-Ass' Casting As Clark Duke Signs On

Clark DukeThe news surrounding Mark Millar's "Kick-Ass" keeps a'comin', as Access Hollywood is now reporting that Clark Duke (who can currently be seen on the ABC sitcom "Greek") has joined his fellow former "Superbad" star Chris "McLovin" Mintz-Plasse on the production.

“I’m leaving in a week or two to shoot ‘Kick-Ass,’” Clark told Access Hollywood in an exclusive interview. “I just saw Chris. It’s the first time I saw him since I closed the deal, so I’m pretty excited.”

Duke will take on the role of Marty, a nerdy friend of the story's main character, Dave Lizewski (who will be played by Aaron Johnson) -- a high school loser who attempts to take down a gang of mobsters by donning a superhero costume, only to find out the hard way that things are much different in the real world than in the four-color one.

Duke joins Nicolas Cage and a cast of young Hollywood up-and-comers on "Kick-Ass," which recently began filming in London, and is set to hit theaters sometime next year.

"Kick-Ass" continues to do just that in terms of breaking news -- with all of these announcements, are you getting excited for the film, or is 2009 all about "Watchmen" for you? Talk about it in the comments section!

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