Matthew McConaughey Denies 'Captain America' Rumor, But Wants To Hulk Out

Matthew McConaugheyOnce rumored as a potential lead in "The First Avenger: Captain America," actor Matthew McConaughey told MTV News that he hasn't heard anything about the Marvel Studios feature at this point, and if given his choice of superheroes to portray, he'd be more inclined to provide yet another take on The Hulk.

When MTV News mentioned to McConaughey that he was rumored as a potential lead for the big-screen debut of Marvel's red, white and blue hero in "Captain America," McConaughey seemed surprised by the news.

"I was?" he asked, adding that he "wasn’t a big comic book reader, but that’s a super cool name — Captain America."

While the star of the new film "Surfer, Dude" didn't seem to have Marvel's Sentinel of Liberty on his radar at the moment, he did have quite a bit to say about one of the publisher's other well-known characters.

"My favorite one growing up has already been done twice and that was The Incredible Hulk," said McConaughey, who had fond memories of Lou Ferrigno's turn as the Green Goliath during the 1978-1982 television series.

"Lou Ferringo would come on, and it was an hour show, [so] you knew he was gonna turn green [and] get big, two times in that hour," said McConaughey. "So at 7:22 you knew he’d do it, and at 7:39 you knew he’d do it -- so if you were going to go make a milkshake or something, you better be back by 7:22 or 7:39, 'cause he was about to turn green."

So how about it, readers? Would you want to see Matthew McConaughey portray Marvel's Jade Giant? What about Captain America?