New Framelight Productions Studio To Produce Edgy Comic Adaptations

'Deadworld'The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop on a new player in the comics-to-film game. Backed by Producer Jeffrey Erb and entrepreneur Robert Robinson, Jr., the newly announced Framelight Productions plans to adapt edgier graphic novels for the silver screen, and already has one option ready to move.

According to the article, Framelight is at the ready to produce anywhere from six to eight films over the next five years, willing to dole out between $20 to $80 million per, hoping to focus mostly on unique stories featuring powerful characters. The company has already optioned legendary "G.I. Joe" comic writer Larry Hama's little-known Marvel Comics story "Dr. Deth With Kip and Muffy."

Other properties Framelight plans on releasing include Image Comics' zombie tale "Deadworld" (created by Stuart Kerr and Ralph Griffith), the supernatural thriller "Sins of the Fallen" (by Ralph Tedesco and Joe Tyler) and the Zenescope adaptation of the classic tale of "1001 Arabian Nights" (by Joe Brusha and Tedesco).

According to Robinson, Framelight plans on taking a rather unique approach to comic book films, in that, ""We don't want to traditionally option a title; we want to partner with the creator on every aspect of the production," which, as Robinson states in the source story, could mean that comic creators could even be offered co-producer credits to the films.

Ever read "Dr. Deth With Kip and Muffy," "Deadworld," "Sins of the Fallen," or "1001 Arabian Nights?" Think they'd be solid films? Let us know in the comments!