Danity Kane Gets Graphic With New Comic, You Get An Exclusive Preview!

'Danity Kane'As you might have guessed from their video for “Bad Girl", Danity Kane love comics. “It’s done in a comic book style,” singer Dawn Richard told MTV News. “You know, ‘Wham!’ ‘Boom!’ ‘Pow!’

That’s not where the girl group’s love of comics ends. The name Danity Kane is now their alter ego in comic book form as well, with the first issue due out September 29. “She’s a superheroine who can control the world with her voice,” Richard explained.

Danity Kane – the character – is an amalgam of each member: Richard, Aubrey O'Day, D. Woods, Shannon Bex, and Aundrea Fimbres. “Our five faces mesh into this one girl,” Richard said, “and because none of us have red hair, she has red hair. Well, Shannon had red hair once, but she doesn’t anymore.”

Richard said they’ll put out one issue each quarter on the Web, for at least five issues, with the fourth quarter issue produced in a manga style.

“Right now, it’s just a regular comic, but we want to do a manga issue. We love manga and anime,” Richard said. “’Full Metal Alchemist’ is the bomb, and we are such junkies for ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ and ‘Dragon Ball Z'.”

“And maybe from there, we can do anime,” Bex said. “The sky’s the limit. But that’s definitely something we would do.”

“A girl group has never branched out into this world before,” Richard said. “So we’re reaching out to the girls and the fanbase that doesn’t usually come onto this side of the world. We’re really excited. We’re making it a girl thing, and a diverse girl thing. You've got to think outside of the box.”

Want to know more about Danity Kane's comic debut? Check out this 14-page preview of the first issue!

'Danity Kane' Cover'Danity Kane' Pg. 1'Danity Kane' Pg. 2
'Danity Kane' Pg. 3'Danity Kane' Pg. 4'Danity Kane' Pg. 5
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