Shirley Manson Purrs About Her Catwoman Potential

Shirley MansonShould Catwoman play a part in the next Batman movie, who would should put on the catsuit? Everyone’s tossing names out – from Maggie Gyllenhaal who didn’t get enough of her Caped Crusader in “The Dark Knight” and wants to come back for more, to Angelina Jolie, who Julie Newmar advocates, to Cher, who was supposedly was already cast according to one erroneous report but was actually not.

Here’s one more name to throw in the meow mix: Shirley Manson from Garbage.

“I’d love to play Catwoman,” she told MTV News.

Shirley’s currently kicking ass in “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” her first acting role, as a liquid metal T-1000 model -- in the season opener, she morphed from being a urinal in the men’s bathroom to a killing machine in a shocking reveal. Shocking, because up to that point, you were led to believe she was just the driven, perhaps cold CEO of a company who paid no mind to the needs of her employees in her single-minded quest to acquire some new technology.

And that’s the sort of quality she says she would bring to Catwoman.

“She’s supposed to be difficult,” Manson said. “I just think Catwoman hasn’t really been fully realized yet. Certainly I haven’t seen it. Halle Berry wasn’t quite right. And while I liked Michelle Pfeiffer, to a certain degree, I didn’t think she was dangerous. She was more cute than fierce. Not enough of the beast in her. If you’re going to embody a cartoon character like that, you have to be a bit more inexplicable, intangible. Make it more of a mystery.”

Granted, Manson hasn’t had the same level of acting experience as some of the frontrunners for the part, but she doesn’t care – you gotta start somewhere.

“It would be good fun,” she said. “I’m their girl.”

Can you see Shirley Manson as Catwoman? Who else would be good for the part?