Brendan Fraser Talks About Almost Being Superman and J.J. Abrams' 'Far Superior' Script

Brendan FraserBack in April at the NY Comic-Con, Brendan Fraser regaled us with the tale of suiting up as the Man of Steel when he auditioned for the Brett Ratner/J.J. Abrams "Superman" project-that-never-was. Now the folks at VoicesFromKrypton have a bit more with Fraser on the experience, where the actor talks about how he came this close to landing the role in Bryan Singer's "Superman Returns," and also discusses J.J. Abrams' script versus Singer's.

"I was so enthusiastic to do it, my teeth were sweating," recalls Fraser in the interview about his casting experience. "Are you kidding me? This is the Man of Steel! [But] it's still a roll of the dice my friend. And so I had to think about it hard. And during the time that I was thinking about it -- which took me all of 28 minutes -- it seems as if then the big monster studio machine and all the machinations behind it, all the cogs and wheels rolling, suddenly it went from an 'offer' to 'subject to a screen test' blah, blah, blah, 'subject to approval.'

"But there is one or two really cool things that came out of it. One, there does exist a screen test somewhere, that hopefully will show up sometime, and two, I had sight of the J.J. Abrams script."

The actor then goes into his thoughts on Abrams' script, and how he thought it was "far superior" to Singer's, citing that it had an epic, "Lord of the Rings" feel, but at the same time a level of subtlety to it.

"It wasn't smacking you over the head with a symbolic hammer till you weren't paying attention," said Fraser.

So what say you, Super-fans? Any of you think Warner Bros. made the right choice with Singer/Routh, or does a Abrams/Fraser combo sound like a better recipe? Talk to us in the comments!