Virgin Comics 'Virulents' Film Proceeding Despite Publisher's Troubles

'Virulents'Despite the recent closing of Virgin Comics' New York offices, a big-screen adaptation of one of the troubled publisher's series, "Virulents" (featuring American and Indian military forces battling a triple threat of zombies, terrorists and vampires), is proceeding along as planned.

Virgin's Editor-in-Chief Gotham Chopra told the L.A. Times' geek blog Hero Complex that the film is "not affected by anything going on with the comic-book company," adding "that's the one that, considering the quality of the script and the role of John [Moore, the director] that is going forward the fastest."

Last month, we told you that Moore had his sights firmly set on bringing back Mark Wahlberg, the star of his current big-screen adaptation of the "Max Payne" videogame, for a leading role in "Virulents." No casting for the film has been announced at this point, however.

In a separate conversation with Moore, the director had this to say to Hero Complex about the recent spate of vampire projects and how "Virulents" could carve out its own bloody niche: "If 'True Blood' and 'Twilight' do terribly, then people will say that there's nothing in the genre there and we will get shut down. If they do very, very well, then people will say we are imitators and it's all played out. So really we need them to be just ... average."

"Virulents" was originally published in April 2007, and featured a story by Shamik Dasgupta and art by Dean Ruben Hyrapiet. The video trailer Virgin produced for the series is posted below.

Is there room for another vampire/zombie story in your viewing plans, Splash Page readers? What do you think of the "Virulents" story and/or potential casting of Mark Wahlberg?