DJ Caruso Confirms Multiple 'Y: The Last Man' Films, Ponders Casting of Yorick, 355, Dr. Mann and... Agent 711?

'Y: The Last Man'Yesterday we linked to an interview in which "Eagle Eye" director DJ Caruso expressed an interest in directing Marvel's upcoming "Thor" film, but today Caruso offered up some insight into a highly anticipated adaptation he's already working on: the film version of Brian K. Vaughan's celebrated "Y: The Last Man" series.

In an interview with UGO, Caruso confirmed that adapting the 60-issue Vertigo series was indeed going to be a multiple-film project, and offered up some thoughts on where to the first chapter would conclude.

"... we get ourselves to Dr. Mann and you get, Yorick and Ampersand, in our screenplay, sort of get separated for a while, they get back together and Yorick ends up getting sick," said Caruso, adding that Vaughan himself helped out with determining where to break the overall story in the films. "Basically where you really want to end is 355 and Yorick basically kind of come away at the end and everything is not Ok, and they still - having now found Dr. Mann maybe in the middle of Act II - they still have a long way to go and a lot to figure out."

On the casting front, Caruso addressed rumors that musician Alicia Keys was considered for the role of Agent 355, saying she's "definitely not a bad choice," but that he'd "have to make sure that she can handle the acting part of it." Caruso reiterated his desire to see actor Shia LaBeouf, who starred in Caruso's films "Eagle Eye" and "Disturbia," portray the main character of "Y: The Last Man," Yorick. Finally, Caruso mentioned a need to sort out casting of Dr. Mann and - in a plot reveal of sorts - 355's fellow agent, 711.

Oh, and Caruso said that a real monkey would indeed be cast as Yorick's feces-flinging companion, Ampersand.

According to Caruso, the first draft of the film has been submitted to New Line/ Warner Bros. with the expectation that the film will be released in 2010.

Who would you choose to play the "Y: The Last Man" cast on the big screen? Is Alicia Keys a good choice for Agent 355? What do you think about multiple films to tell the "Y: The Last Man" story?