Mark Millar Needs A Shower As 'Kick-Ass' Kicks-Off Filming

'Kick-Ass'The first day of shooting for "Kick-Ass" began Saturday in London, where Mark Millar -- writer of the "Kick-Ass" comic book -- said initial scenes were filmed at a sewage factory. “I was expecting a lot of glamor, and now I smell of poo,” laughed Millar. “We were shooting from early this morning till [after midnight]… I’m too tired to have a shower, but I must have a shower.”

On set for Saturday’s shoot was Nicolas Cage, who plays Big Daddy, a former cop who trains his pre-pubescent daughter, “Hit-Girl” (Chloë Moretz), to become a lethal crime fighter. Millar added that despite Cage’s stature as a movie star and the, uh, crappy circumstances of the first day, “he never complained once during shooting. He’s such a good guy. Everybody loved him.”

"Kick-Ass," based on Millar’s ultra-violent comic about a 15-year-old boy (Aaron Johnson) with no special powers who dons a homemade superhero suit and tries to become a real-life hero, is currently scheduled for a summer 2009 release. Director Matthew Vaughan, who previously brought Neil Gaiman’s "Stardust" graphic novel to the big screen, is at the helm, in addition to writing the screenplay with former "Stardust" collaborator Jane Goldman.

Looks like "Kick-Ass" is doing just Mark Millar! Regardless, are you looking forward to this movie? Do you think the downplay of violence will affect the final product? Sound off in the comments.