As 'Magdalena' Week Concludes, Jenna Dewan Hints At Possible Sequel, Franchise

(Welcome to “Magdalena Week” on Splash Page, where we’re bringing you exclusive news on the upcoming comic flick. Don’t miss our previous posts on the background of the character and film, Jenna Dewan’s sexy superhero costume, and whether or not Witchblade will make a cameo appearance!)

On Tuesday, we brought you news regarding the basic plot of “Magdalena,” the new comic adaptation starring Jenna Dewan as the titular heroine. On Wednesday, we told you not get your hopes up about an ultra-revealing costume. Yesterday, we explored whether or not the film would have comic cross-overs.

If we spend this much time talking about the first movie, just imagine what we’ll do when it comes time to talk about its sequel.

“They’re going to do more,” Dewan told MTV News of already formulating plans to turn “Magdalena” into a trilogy of films. “We’re working on that now. They intend to do at least a couple of these.”

Interestingly, perhaps, given the certainty with which Dewan talks about possible sequels, no narrative through line has yet been discussed, she indicated, meaning “Magdalena” will almost certainly come to theaters as a stand-alone story without a “Dark Knight” style ambiguous ending.

“Hopefully it’ll end on a note that’s exciting enough – I always like when I see sequels [where] when they introduce characters that cause inner conflict,” Dewan said. “[But] right now I’m so focused on making the first movie great.”

Still, it’s not too early to think about where a sequel could go, especially given that the comics provide ample storylines to choose from. The first movie is about Patience’s origin. Is there an arc you’d like to “Magdalena” pick up from there? Sound off on your thoughts below.