Chuck Palahniuk Ponders DC Series, Monster Comics

'Chuck Palahniuk'"Choke" author Chuck Palahniuk wouldn't mind becoming the next high-profile novelist to sport a byline on the shelf of your local comic shop, the award-winning writer recently told MTV News.

"I would love to do the kind of ghost monster comics I grew up with," said Palahniuk, "like those 'Tales from the Crypt' comics I just loved as a kid."

No stranger to grim and gritty subject matter, Palahniuk told MTV News that he's "been approached" for work in the comics scene by at least one major publisher.

"I had talked to DC about doing a limited series," said Palahniuk during a recent interview, "but that’s the extent of it."

Palahniuk said he stays connected to to the comics world through a good friend: popular "Daredevil" artist and "Kabuki" creator David Mack.

So how about it, readers? Would you like to see a Chuck Palahniuk comic? Is there a Palahniuk story you'd like to see in comic form?