Riddle Me This: Guy Pearce Is Down For Visiting Chris Nolan's Gotham

Rumors continue to swirl around the already highly-anticipated follow-up to "The Dark Knight": some have already been debunked, while others are only starting to heat up -- namely that of who will be playing the Riddler (that is, if the Riddler even is a villain in the next film).

While Johnny Depp has been the most talked-about actor whenever the role comes up, he isn't the only actor who'd be interested in reading for the part.

In a recent sit down with MTV News, Guy Pearce (long mentioned as a potential candidate due to his relationship with the "Memento" helmer) stated to us that he'd be interested in looking at the role (or any role in the film) so long as Christopher Nolan was still on board as director.

"I'd love to work with Chris again," said Pearce. "There hasn't been any discussion, we'll have to wait and see. I have a lot of reluctance [to playing a superhero or villain], but doing it with someone like Chris Nolan would certainly make it appealing."

But Pearce didn't stop there. Check out the video above to hear the actor's thoughts on "The Dark Knight" and Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker.

Who would you rather see play The Riddler -- Depp, Pearce, or someone else? Let's get the discussion going in the comments!