Nolan Eyeing Cher As Catwoman In 'Batman 3,' Says British Paper

CherStraight from the "crazy rumors that we hope stay crazy rumors" department, according to a story from the UK's Telegraph, Cher is reportedly in talks to play Catwoman in the next "Batman" film. The story claims that Nolan's approach to Catwoman will be that of a "vamp in her twilight years," which would be perfect for the 62-year-old singer/actress, and a vast departure from the character's previous incarnations by Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry., Furthermore, if this story is to be believed, Cher is director Christopher Nolan's "first choice" for the role.

The article also mentions Johnny Depp as all but being cast as The Riddler, and that the film's title will be "The Caped Crusader." While all of this could be potentially huge news, it's good to take British newspapers with a grain of salt. Regardless, we'll be watching this story closely, so stay tuned, Bat-fans!

Could Cher pull off Catwoman? Or do you hope Nolan goes with someone else for the role? Talk to us in the comments.