The Friday Back Issue Bin: August 18-22, 2008

'Kick-Ass'We could barely keep up with all the news this week, so here's your hook-up in case you missed anything...

- It was a kick-ass week for "Kick-Ass," as announcements about casting and production ruled the internet.

- The cast of "The Greatest American Hero" talked with us about their upcoming comics and webisodes.

- Tom Cruise and Sam Raimi hopped aboard the "Sleeper" train, and Ed Brubaker shared his thoughts with us about it.

- Warner Bros. dropped some hints about what DC fans can expect from them in the coming years -- "Batman 3," at least two other new franchises, and a darker-toned revamp of Superman...but will Bryan Singer be on board?

- Brad Meltzer spoke with us about "The Book of Lies," and also shared an exclusive song from the book's soundtrack.

- Antony Johnston talked about his graphic novel, "Julius," making the jump from indie comic to Hollywood.

- Harvey Dent is dead.

- John Moore wants everyone to lighten-up about serious subject matter in movies.

- And despite a lawsuit and possible boycotts by fans, there was still plenty of Watchmen news to keep excitement alive.

Thanks for stopping by this week, fellow nerds and nerdbirds! We'll see you on Monday!