Neil Gaiman's Sweet Smell of Success; Creator's Books Get Matching Perfumes

Neil GaimanYou’d heard of trailers for books . Songs, even whole bands inspired by books . But perfumes?

If you were so inclined, you could smell like your favorite characters, places, or even concepts from several works by Neil Gaiman, courtesy of Black Phoenix Alchemy . “American Gods,” “Anansi Boys,” “Good Omens,” and “Stardust” all have scents with names like Spider, Fairy Wine, and War. (If you really get into the whole “Stardust”-scent thing, you might want to also try the Stardust bath bomb).

There are also limited edition scents for the short stories “Orange” -- with a touch of orange and a touch of chocolate, “so you will be followed by people with sweet teeth,” as Neil puts it -- and “Snow, Glass, Apples," which should appeal to Twilighters as well because "it smells like vampire apples: vaguely vampiric, very sexy, and amazingly crisp and apple-y,” Neil says.

That last scent, which debuted at Comic-Con, is now available via the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund website, which the sales of the perfumes benefit (save for those inspired by “Good Omens,” which donates half the proceeds to the CBLDF, and half to the Orangutan Foundation UK.) You can also try to win the scent here .

“We’d never done perfumes before,” Gaiman said, “but over $14,000 has been raised for [fights for] the First Amendment by Black Phoenix for doing these scents. And comics fans, well, we all know what they smell like,” he joked. “People will thank us for it.”

There are no scents inspired by “Sandman” – yet – but Gaiman knows there would be a huge demand for that, so he’s trying to find out if DC Comics can allow it for the sake of charity. “If it can happen, it will happen,” he said.

Have you smelled any of the Neil Gaiman-inspired perfumes? What did you think? What do you think Death would smell like? Dream? What other books or characters should have perfumes?