Listen To An Exclusive Track From Brad Meltzer's 'The Book of Lies'

So you’ve seen the trailer . You’ve heard what Brad Meltzer had to say about it . And now, you’ll be able to hear the soundtrack to “The Book of Lies.”

With a combo of popular and classical music, the companion CD to the “Book of Lies” is due out August 26 (available on iTunes and Amazon), a few days in advance of the book itself, which is due out September 2.

“Sony Music had someone score the key chapters of the book – they sent me the songs – and I rejected most of them,” Meltzer told Splash Page. “Then we fought and pulled each other’s hair and finally settled on songs that truly evoked the mood of the novel. You can go to a certain chapter, hit play, and read along with music that I believe perfectly represents that chapter. And that’s cool to me.”

Some songs you might expect, for self-evident reasons, considering the book's central mystery of the murder of the creator of Superman's father – R.E.M.’s “Superman,” Five for Fighting’s “Superman (It’s Not Easy),” Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero,” and Joey Scarbury’s “Greatest American Hero”. But then there’s also Wheatus’ cover of Erasure’s “A Little Respect,” and a load of classic music from Wagner to Gustav Holst’s “The Planets.”

Only one song is a new recording – the title track “Book of Lies” by singer-songwriter Robert Ellis Orrall, which you can hear exclusively here on Splash Page. “There’s nothing, just nothing like sitting in a room and hearing someone sing the title track to your own book,” Meltzer said. “That’s neater than Play-Doh.”

Do you think "The Book of Lies" will inspire more books to have trailers and soundtracks? Does it make you more likely to read the book or not? What other superhero-themed songs would you have suggested for this soundtrack?