EXCLUSIVE: Brad Meltzer Tells The Truth About The 'Book of Lies'

'Book of Lies'Have you seen the trailer for “The Book of Lies” yet? Did you think it might have been for a new TV show? Or a new movie? Would it surprise you to know that it’s actually for a new book (the aforementioned “Book of Lies”)? In looking for answers, we went straight to the source: bestselling author and fan-favorite comics scribe Brad Meltzer, in an exclusive interview with Splash Page.

“The goal was to create the greatest trailer for a movie that does not exist,” he said. “This is going to sound ridiculous, but the goal was to change how books are sold. You look at movies, and all the time and energy they put into advertising, and while some books have trailers, all they are is the scary man’s voice reading the back of the dust jacket. There’s no thought about character or plot or investing the reader.”

Meltzer decided for his upcoming novel, he would change that up a bit. Just as an independent filmmaker might, he called upon his friends for a favor. Everyone he reached out to -- from "Buffy" creator Joss Whedon to "Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof to "Y" author Brian K. Vaughan to Christopher Hitchens to A.J. Jacobs and more – “was in on the joke.”

“We knew what parts everyone would have,” Meltzer said. “But we filmed a little extra and some overlaps, and we even had a half-dozen actors we casted who read the same parts, just in case the actors were better than the writers. But the writers were the best actors. And I felt bad for most of the actors, who ended up on the cutting room floor.”

“It took a while to shoot because of everyone’s scheduling,” Meltzer continued. “This has been in the works for six months. But once we had it ready, everyone was shot within a ten day period. And luckily, I didn’t have to be there for it. That’s the best part about being a writer, and not a director.”

Only Whedon, who shot his part first, did a little improvisation (at the end with his microphone) – everyone else followed Meltzer’s script (which should sound familiar to careful readers of Splash Page).

So what is the link between Superman’s creator and the first murder in the Bible? Why was Abel murdered? Why was Jerry Siegel murdered? “I can’t ruin the book!” Meltzer laughed. “Do I look that crazy? I’ll say this -- the great story that which is mentioned in the book, some people say the weapon was a rock or a stone. Some say Cain bit Abel’s throat. But this is not a vampire tale.”

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