John Moore Wants Mark Wahlberg For His Zombie-Filled 'Virulents' Film

'Virulents'Director John Moore has one question when it comes to comic movies today -- "Why so serious?"

No, he hasn't succumbed to the rampant "Dark Knight" mania, more so, the now-classic line is Moore's mantra for his upcoming film, "Virulents" -- a horror story published by Virgin Comics about a platoon of U.S. Marines stationed in Afghanistan who come across a group of flesh-eating vampire zombies.

"The world’s pretty serious right now, and there’s an ironic lightness in 'Virulents,'" Moore explained. "There’s a touch of macabre ridiculousness to it. I think we’ve seen a lot of attempts to make serious movies about serious things, and it strikes me that we might be a little more artful about how we make a point [these days]."

Moore is fast to point out a perfect example of a film that subtly addresses his views on social commentary in film. "I think 'The Dark Knight,' for example, is probably the most socially relevant film in the past two, three, four years, despite many attempts to make very serious movies," he said. "'Dark Knight' talks to our decision-making ability in the world, whether or not we can distinguish between good and evil, and it’s done in a way more artful form than ramming something down someone’s throat. Which is why 'Virulents' appeals to me."

While the film is still a ways off from starting production, when asked who he'd like to work with, Moore quickly answered, "Mark [Wahlberg]. We had a hell of a time on 'Max Payne.' I think he’s an actor of unlimited potential and I’d just love to go around with him again. [But] we’re not in control of these things -- lots of big people with big checkbooks get to do that. If it’s going to happen, then the karma makes it happen."

Really, who out there wouldn't wanna see Mark Wahlberg take on flesh-eating vampire zombies?! Post your thoughts below.