EXCLUSIVE: We Chat With Creator Ed Brubaker About His 'Sleeper' Deal With Tom Cruise And Sam Raimi!

'Sleeper'For those of you who know comics, Ed Brubaker has long been considered one of the hottest writers in the biz -- but now, Hollywood is starting to take notice.

After today's announcement of a Sam Raimi-produced, Tom Cruise-attached "Sleeper" film making its way to Hollywood, we spoke with Brubaker in an exclusive interview about his thoughts about the project and about the two titans attached to his creation.

While the news of a possible film adaptation of "Sleeper" came as no surprise to Brubaker -- saying that this was probably the fifth time he'd been down that road since the book initially came out -- what did surprise him was how fast this latest round of interest went from speculation to the big news of the day. "I had heard that Tom Cruise was reading the book, and that he might be interested," recalled Brubaker. "Then I got a call three days later telling me that he read all of 'Sleeper,' loved it and said it was totally bad ass, and that he wanted to be in it. It was brilliant of Sam Raimi and his team to attach someone like Tom Cruise and then bring it directly to Warner Bros., who already owned the property."

Brubaker added, "I've been a huge fan of [Sam Raimi] ever since 'Evil Dead.' And, you know, Tom Cruise -- I was talking to [comic writer Brian Michael] Bendis about this and he pointed out that, say what you whatever you want about [Cruise], he's got excellent taste in projects and he's a fantastic actor."

One of the biggest concerns mentioned throughout today's blog posts -- in light of the recent "Watchmen" legal debacle -- are the legal issues. Namely, in the "Sleeper" comics, characters from DC Comics' Wildstorm universe show up, which could cause potential headaches. However, Brubaker assured fans that those problems have already been addressed and -- despite Warner Bros. most likely triple-checking for any potential legal problems -- shouldn't delay production too long. "They'll have to just figure it out and cut around some of the characters who appeard in other Wildstorm books, but this type of thing happens in Hollywood all the time."

And as far as his own personal involvement with the film, Brubaker trusts that the star's name will be more than enough of what the film needs to be a success. "When Tom Cruise gets involved in a project, I don't imagine some guy like me who's just written a couple of screenplays would get that job [writing the film's screenplay] staright off the bat just because he created the comic [laughs]. Honestly, I hope they get the biggest screenwriter in the world on this -- I want it to be successful!"

How 'bout it, readers? Are you as excited as Brubaker is about this project? Let us know in the comments.