'Wolverine' In Turmoil As Director And Studio Chief Battle It Out On-Set?

'Harbinger'"Watchmen" has hit a major legal bump, "Punisher: War Zone" seems to be falling victim to he-said-she-said rumors, and apparently, "Wolverine" is completing the trifecta of problems surrounding upcoming Hollywood comic adaptations.

A rumor reported by Hollywood Elsewhere claims that there has been some serious -- and costly -- bickering going on behind the scenes of 20th Century Fox's upcoming "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" film between Director Gavin Hood and Fox Co-Chairman and CEO, Tom Rothman.

If the rumors are to be believed, Hood has set out to film a deservedly dark story about Wolverine's brutal origin, however, Rothman wants a different, more kid-friendly approach to the possible tentpole film. The big story behind this has to do with a massive dark-toned set which -- while Hood was away from filming recently -- returned to find that the set had been completely repainted and redone...on Rothman's orders.

Granted, the original post admits that the he'd received this news second hand, but Rothman apparently has a reputation for micromanagement, and is dedicated to getting Fox out of the red after a less-than-stellar summer movie line-up.

"Wolverine" fans -- do you believe these rumors to be true? Talk to us in the comments.