'Greatest American Hero' Cast Talks New Comics And Webisodes, Plus Check Out Exclusive Art!

Believe it or not, after 30 years Ralph Hinkley and the cast of "The Greatest American Hero" are finally flying away on a wing and a prayer to the world of comics and animation.

As this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Splash Page landed an exclusive interview with the cast of the 80's superhero action/comedy to discuss the upcoming comic series and animated webisodes. Published by "GAH" star William Katt's Catastrophic Comics (in a partnership with Arcana Studios), the upcoming comics will revamp the series about a reluctant superhero who's given superpowers via a mysterious costume.

"It’s an ongoing series, we’re going to do six books and a graphic novel initially, and then we’ll do another six," said Katt. "Then sometime in the first quarter of ’09 we’re gonna be launching the flash animation on the internet, so it should be a lot of fun." This all comes in addition to Executive Producer Stephen J. Cannell is developing a big-budget feature film based on the iconic show (read about their feature film cameo offer here).

When asked how it feels to be donning the red costume again, Katt joked, "It's still tight in the crotch."

For the cast, seeing the fan excitement for these announcements at this year's Comic-Con was both thrilling and a bit unexpected. "Connie kept saying as we were walking into the panel room, ‘what if nobody’s there?’ [but] the room was packed!" said Katt.

"The enthusiasm for the show is still there, more than I expected," said Sellecca. "I was pregnant with my 27-year-old son when we did the first episode, so there’s the timing."

'Greatest American Hero' Comic'Greatest American Hero' Comic'Greatest American Hero' Comic
'Greatest American Hero' Comic

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