Matthew Vaughn Brings Mark Millar's Ultra-Violent 'Kick-Ass' To Theaters

'Kick Ass'After months of battling with numerous Hollywood studios, director Matthew Vaughn ("Layer Cake") is finally prepared to "Kick-Ass."

The film will adapt the super-violent Marvel-Icon series by Mark Millar ("Wanted") and John Romita, Jr. ("Spider-Man") about a high school nerd who tries to reinvent himself as a superhero, but runs into real world bad guys who in turn give him a serious reality check. According to Hollywood Reporter, Vaughn had been attempting to bring "Kick-Ass" to screen for months, but due to the intense graphic nature of the series, all of the major studios turned the project down. Therefore, Vaughn has decided to move forward on his own, raising $30 million to produce the film himself.

The trade says casting is already underway with some big names in the running, including Christopher Mintz-Plasse ("Superbad") and Chloe Moretz ("Dirty Sexy Money"). Mintz-Plasse would take up the role of Red Mist, the angry son of a mafioso who attempts to uncover the identity of Kick Ass.

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