Creator Steve Niles Tells Us How A '30 Days of Night' Sequel Would Work

'30 Days of Night'The thing about vampires, they never really die. Neither do vampire stories. So it’s no surprise that there’s already talk of a sequel to “30 Days of Night,” especially given the comic and prose books Steve Niles has ready and waiting to be adapted. So what would a “30 Days” sequel look like?

“It wouldn’t take place in Alaska,” Niles said. “It would have to be Los Angeles.” (Unlike say, New Orleans, where the FEARnet prequel and sequel “Blood Trails” and “Dust to Dust” take place.)

That’s because after we last see Stella (who was played in the film by Melissa George) holding her husband (played by Josh Hartnett), and he turns to ash, in the next book in the series -- “Dark Days” -- she decides to write a book about surviving the attack, also called “30 Days of Night.”

“You’d have to take that core idea,” Niles explained, “and follow Stella as she becomes a vampire hunter. She knows they exist now, and she uses the book to flush them out.”

Thanks to her book tour, she draws the attention of L.A. vamps, and she learns of a way to bring back her husband from the dead. That last aspect, of course, might not play out the same way in the film sequel, since in the book they were a loving couple, and in the movie, they were estranged.

“We are talking to Sony [about the sequel],” Niles said, “and so far, it’s going really good. It really hinges on Melissa George, since she played Stella, and we can’t just recast the lead. So we’ll see.”

Does a "30 Days of Night" sequel depend on Melissa George to you, or can the film work if the part is recast? Who would you want to see play Stella?