Devil's Due 'Will Triumph' Superhero Series Heads To ABC Family

'Will Triumph Fights Alone' #2News out of Devil's Due Productions' today that the upcoming three-issue miniseries "Will Triumph Fights Alone" has been optioned and is headed over to ABC Family to be made into a TV show.

The comic -- written by Dave Child, Kal-El (you read that right) Bogdanove, with art by Jon Bogdanove (who supplied the art for DC's classic "Death of Superman" story) -- follows rookie superhero Will Triumph, son of a powerful superhero team known as The Dynamics who were killed in the line of duty by their arch-rival, Dr. Loricas. Soon thereafter, Will inherits his parents Rings of Power, but in order to activate them, he must get married. What follows is Will's quest to not only right the wrongs of Dr. Loricas, but find the right girl in order to become the hero he's destined to become.

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The news that the comic has made the transition to television comes as no surprise to the creative team behind it -- given that it was originally written as a screenplay by college buddies Child and Bogdanove (Kal-El, that is). "I actually think we've been creating Will Triumph for the last three years," Child told us. "It started off as a feature screenplay that Kal-El and I wrote in college, and I think there's still a super suit in a warehouse somewhere sculpted to fit the ass of our talented actor friend, Pat De Nicola. It marks the days when we were going to make the 'Will Triumph' film on our own dime."

'Will Triumph Fights Alone' #2'Will Triumph Fights Alone' #2

"We [soon] realized that this story was too big for one movie," added Child. "So we teamed up with Jon and our good friend Stephen Christy over at Devil's Due, to serialize the story and make it a comic series. Eventually Stephen pitched the thing from memory to ABC Family, and they liked it as much as we do - and the rest is so on and so forth."

While there is currently no timetable as to when the show will begin taping, the experience has been a fun one so far for the creators. "It's extremely exciting to be part of that process," said Jon Bogdnaove. "The needs and demands of comic books aren't always the same as the needs of television or film, so I'm having fun addressing the concerns of both media at the same time. I hope to reconcile the two well enough so that the TV show looks like the comic, and the comic looks like the TV show."

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