From 90210 To Gotham City? Brian Austin Green Makes Pitch For Riddler Casting

Brian Austin GreenWith all the campaign talk, it’s starting to feel like an election year: Johnny Depp for the Riddler, Angelina Jolie versus Maggie Gyllenhaal returning from the dead for Catwoman.

But there’s a dark horse who wants to get his name on the ballot -- a name you might not expect -- for the part of Mr. Ed Nygma, should the villain get a role in the next Batman film.

“I would love to be the Riddler,” Brian Austin Green told MTV News.

In case you’re thinking “WTF? David Silver?” -- let us remind you that in the years since “Beverly Hills, 90210,” Green has rebooted himself as an actor. Perhaps not to the same degree as Christopher Nolan rebooted Batman, or Heath Ledger the Joker, but check out Green playing himself in “Domino” (for a much-appreciated sense of self-deprecation) or Derek Reese in “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” (where he's barely recognizable), and you’ll come to see that Green has progressed significantly since the days when he competed with Tori Spelling for worst actor. Green knows it’s a long shot, but despite his role on “Terminator,” “I’d like to be in the next ‘Batman,’ even though I am busy killing machines and people,” he said. (We hope he just means on the show).

“I hope to God that they don’t try to replace Heath and have the Joker,” Green added. “And Two-Face is gone.” So they need a new villain, and the Riddler makes sense," he said. Not that he’s thought it so far ahead that he actually knows what he’d want to do with the Riddler, however.

“That’s impossible to answer now,” Green said. “That would take years of preparation. It’s tough. Heath set the bar at a new level, which I think is fantastic for comic book lovers and movie lovers. He changed the face of what people expect out of those films. If you watch the old ones, I mean, they were great for what they were, having Danny Elfman’s music, but this is a new level.”

Would you give Brian Austin Green a shot at being the Riddler? If not him, who do you think should be the Riddler? Catwoman? Or any other villains in the next Batman? Cast your fantasy Batman film below.

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