The Friday Back Issue Bin: August 4-8, 2008

'Iron Man'Hey folks, another hectic week in the world of comic movie news is behind us. Here's a quick recap of this week's Splash Page highlights...

- Comics biggest writers sounded off about who they thought should be the villain Batman beats the crap outta in the next movie.

- Seth Rogen talked about "The Green Hornet," and how it'll compare to "True Lies."

- Speaking of Seths, Seth Green talked about going back to school for the third volume of "The Freshmen" and prospects for a film.

- Director Edgar Wright assured fans of "Scott Pilgrim" that they won't be disappointed with the upcoming movie.

- Terrence Howard got buff (and buffed) for the next "Iron Man" film.

- Barack Obama is the Batman...or Spider-Man.

- And MTV decided to hire me for some reason...

That's that, True Believers! Have a great weekend!