Grant Morrison's 'We3’ Movie Gets A 'Big Hot Director,' But Who Is It?

'We3'A dog, a cat, and a rabbit need a home -- that’s not just a way-oversimplified description of the plot of “We3,” but also the status of the film version of Grant Morrison’s mini-series about animal soldiers.

Since “We3” was originally optioned to New Line -- and since New Line has since imploded/been absorbed into Warner Bros. -- Morrison said the producers behind the project got the option back and have made quick progress with it. While at New Line, “We3” was considered by over a dozen directors but no one signed on. Now, Morrison said, “we have a director attached,” and while he wouldn’t reveal who that was, he said it was a “big, hot director” as well as a “real cool guy.” Guess that narrows the field.

While the “Watership Down”-meets-“RoboCop” project was still with New Line, Grant Morrison also wrote the screenplay, which is now making it easier for them to find a studio other than New Line. “I put all the scenes that I couldn’t fit in the comic back in the screenplay, to the point where the screenplay is actually better than the original comic,” he said. And because it’s better, it got good reviews, and those reviews are having “quite a positive effect,” Morrison said. “We’re going out with it now to the studios, and a lot of studios are interested. It’s looking as good as it’s been in a long time.”

If things continue to work out, Morrison might even get to make his cameo as a shady government figure when the dog, cat, and rabbit – otherwise known as Weapons 1, 2, and 3 -- take on yet another cyber-enhanced animal, known as Weapon 4. The assassin animals would be CGI, but the rest of the film would be live-action. “I’m really looking forward to it,” Morrison said.

Who would you want to see direct "We3"? Someone like Michael Bay? James Cameron? What would you want them to do with it? Do you think this would work better as live-action, or animation? Comments below!